Meal Support for your
Employees' Lunch
A solution that helps employers provide support for your employees' meals, with a customer retention rate of 98%.

Ticket RestaurantWhat is Ticket Restaurant?

A meal support solution provided as an employee benefit that is accepted at more than 60,500 restaurants and convenience stores nationwide.

The top of mind meal support solution in Japan. More than 150,000 employees all over Japan enjoy lunch with Ticket Restaurant. Why not using Ticket Restaurant to transform the shop near your employees' working place into their canteen. Our solution has a usage rate of 99% usage, 98% client renewal and 90% employee satisfaction?

AdvantagesWhat are the benefits of using Ticket Restaurant?

This meal support solution also offers many benefits to companies!

Our Customers

“More than 2,000
companies have introduced Ticket Restaurant to their employee beenfits offer"

Our customers range from small businesses to large enterprises in a variety of industries.

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Some of our customers

As a pioneer in the field of meal support solutions for employees, Ticket Restaurant has been expanding its value proposition over 30 years to increase our customers satisfaction.

As a result, our solution is now supported by more than 2000 companies.
As a leading company in the field of meal suppot, we are focused in the evolution of the employee benefit value proposition for all Japanese employees.

FlowHow to join

Five simple steps

Please feel free to contact us to know more about out meal support solution.

Our representative will be happy to discuss the details with you.

We will also support you when introducing the solution to your employees.

After joining: 3 simple steps to fully enjoy the solution

The meal cards can be used from the moment they arrive

Brand HistoryThe history of Ticket Restaurant

Bringing happiness everyday to both companies and employees with a simple and cost-effective Solution!